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Authentic Brave Apparel is excited to team up with the Saskatoon SPCA to design this Limited Edition Project Brave & SPCA Collaboration Hoodie, 30% of the proceeds from each hoodie sold will go to the Saskatoon SPCA. Quantities are limited, so get your Project Brave hoodie before it's gone!

We have raised over $500, with 15 hoodies to go!


  • Limited Edition Project Brave & SPCA Collaboration Hoodie Featuring Authentic Brave Apparel's Motto "Be Courageous, Be Fearless, Be Brave"
  • This unisex hoodie is Made in Canada from start to finish
  • It is constructed from a Ring Spun Poly/Cotton blend making it incredibly soft  and features a kangaroo pouch pocket and matching drawstrings
  • Colour: Charcoal grey
  • Approximately: 50/50 Ring Spun Poly/Cotton
  • Machine wash in cold water and hang to dry

Size Chart:

Small Medium Large X-Large
Chest (inches) 40.5 43.5 46.5 49.5
Length (inches) 26 27 28 29


Note: Discounts may not be applied to this item to ensure we can maximize the proceeds going to the Saskatoon SPCA.

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In life, everyone is faced with their own personal journey and we would love to hear your Brave story. Send us a picture of yourself wearing your Authentic Brave Apparel piece and share your personal story with us to help inspire more people to be Brave. If selected, your picture and story will be featured on our Facebook page. Email us at

Here are some amazing Brave stories that we have received:

Amy's Brave Story

Amydee PharmD

"Amy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer late in 2016, the 30-year-old paediatric oncologist pharmacist at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre has been going through cycles of chemotherapy since December. As the new year started, she decided to broadcast her Brave treatments online, sharing them publicly through Facebook. Throughout her journey her motto has always been Be Brave and Stay Strong. She publicly shared her 3rd chemo journey through a live Facebook feed wearing her new Be Brave t-shirt from Authentic Brave Apparel".  Watch her amazing journey.


Heidi's Brave Story


"I had a great childhood! I was a great student, a competitive figure skater and a natural born athlete. At age 16, I started battling against demons in my life. Depression hit me at a young age; however, that bout was short lived.

After graduation in 2006, I went straight in the Primary Care Paramedic Program at SIAST which was also short lived. I withdrew half way through the program because I had other things on my mind like partying. Every weekend I would be more concerned with what bar I was going to go with instead of studying.

When I was 19, I was the victim of sexual assault and at that time I felt very afraid, alone and scared. I did not tell anyone and just put the thought in the back of my head. I made myself believe that it just didn’t happen.

In 2008, at age 20, I attended Lethbridge College and graduated with honours in 2010 from the Criminal Justice Policing Program. After graduation, I applied numerous times to many different police services but was unsuccessful. The application process is extremely stressful and takes lots of dedication. After 5 attempts, I gave up, I felt defeated and began to slip into deep depression. During this time, I travelled aboard leaving my problems behind. After 3 years, I returned home and was faced with the same problems I left behind. Things began to spiral downwards.

At 25, I was on anti-depressant medication and was working at a job that I didn’t enjoy. I buried my problems and wore a mask everyday to make it seem like I was “happy”. Finally, I was fed up and it was time take care of myself! I transferred back to Saskatoon and thought here is my chance to be happy and change my attitude. When I first started in Saskatoon things were good, I was a little more happy and I wasn’t commuting for work. Eventually this happiness started to fade once again. I was slipping back into my depression and this is when it hit me the worst it had ever hit me. Age 25 was the worst year of my life. I was negative, I was somebody that nobody wanted to be around, I was a black cloud and couldn’t see the good in anything. I didn’t want to do anything.

This was the time in my life where I started to do some soul searching. I went to SIAST and got some educational counselling. I immediately applied to go back and complete the Paramedic program again! This was the day I went back to cross fit too.

Fast forward to now, I am finally able to call myself a Primary Care Paramedic working for WPD Ambulance. I am also a member of the Martinsville Fire Dept as a First Responder and I am working on my level 1 fire fighting. I am anti-depressant free since Jan 1st, 2016 and I am finally able to say I am truly happy.

I am also an avid cross fitter and a very competitive ball player. My athleticism that I lost during those dark times is back."

Taryn's Brave Story

Taryn Be Brave

"Taryn struggles with social anxiety, she always nervous and scared out in public, she loves shirts with sayings on them and we like to find items that encourage her, so this is perfect for her!!"

Carly's Brave Story

Carly's Brave Story

"Carly was born with a congenital limb disorder called Fibular Hemimelia and is missing some bones in her leg and ankle, as well as having one leg shorter than the other. Carly has had to have multiple surgeries in her four short years, with the most recent being limb lenghtening surgery. Since July she has grown almost 3 inches of new bone and for the first time in her life her legs are the same length. In order to get here she has endured months of turning pins on a broken leg to keep the bone from healing back together and effectively growing new bone. There have also been countless X-rays and physiotherapy appointments as well as a few hospitalizations for infections but she has been such a Brave girl through it all. Only a few more months of healing to go. She is our hero!!"

Manson's Brave Story

Manson's Brave Journey

“Thank you to the kind lady that paid for my (Kim’s) Starbucks one random morning over the Christmas holidays. It was this act of kindness that inspired Kim and Scott to drop off some BE Brave t-shirts at Saskatoon's RUH paediatric department. In return, they received this wonderful story from Gale and Mason. Mason, 6 years old was diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukemia on August 5, 2016. He has been admitted at RUH and is currently waiting for a donor for a bone marrow transplant. Throughout his journey, the family has always said Mason is a Brave Warrior! Mason was thrilled to receive his Be Brave t-shirt, it brought a smile it his face.”

Jacqueline's Brave Story

Jacqueline's Brave Story

"This shirt represents what I live & stand for. My job is to inspire people to live a healthier life, be a mentor to my instructors I train & be a positive influence for my community in my fitness studio. The biggest muscle you have to train is your brain. There is ALWAYS something good in everyday. Bring on the positivity, bring on the good vibes & LIVE a positive life! " -Jacqueline

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