Project Brave

Project Brave  

Giving back to our local community is very important to us. In addition to donating 5% of  total sales to local charitable organizations, Authentic Brave Apparel will collaborate with local charitable organizational throughout the year to design a one-time, limited edition piece. The limited edition piece will be sold exclusively through our online store. A portion from each sale of the limited edition piece will be donated directly to the charity we have collaborated with. This piece will be excluded from discounts to ensure we can maximize the amount we are able to donate to charity. 

First Project Brave Collaboration Piece

Project Brave and SPCA Collaboration Hoodie


Scott and Kim are passionate about animals, which is why they were excited to team up with the Saskatoon SPCA to launch Authentic Brave Apparel's first Project Brave Collaboration hoodie.

Thank you to everyone that supported our Project Brave Collaboration, with your help we were able to donate $540 to the Saskatoon SPCA.