About Us

About Us

Scott and Kim, husband and wife team are the Founders and Owners of Authentic Brave Apparel, they were born and raised in Saskatoon. They are the proud parent's of two dogs; they both have a love for animals! Scott, a business savvy person has been in the Residential Real Estate industry for over 5 years. Kim, an Edwards School of Business Graduate has worked in the retail industry a number of years as a HR Professional. Together they are the dynamic duo!

CBC  Saskatoon clothing line aims to inspire those struggling with mental health

In September, 2016 Authentic Brave Apparel officially launched its online business. Currently, Authentic Brave Apparel is an online business with regular pop-up shops to allow Kim and Scott to personally connect and engage with customers. Authentic Brave Apparel designs casual apparel for men, women and children that promote motivational and inspirational messages.  It was the impact of their personal life challenges that motivated them to start this inspirational apparel company. It is Kim and Scott's goal is to inspire others by sharing their personal story. In life, we all face challenges and we don't necessarily talk about those challenges which can create a feeling of isolation but by sharing these challenges it reminds us that we are not alone. Since launching in September, 2016 Authentic Brave Apparel has received so many wonderful Brave stories along with some amazing photos from its fan base. To read stories from others, check out Authentic Brave Apparel Facebook page

Saskatoon Express

Throughout life’s journey, Kim and Scott have encountered many of their own challenges, which is why they decided to start the apparel business. For years, they have never openly discussed their personal challenges for fear of judgement and ridicule. After launching Authentic Brave Apparel, they felt the need to openly share their story to inspire others to do the same. Kim and Scott have been living with anxiety in silence for years, fearing the social stigma that surrounds mental health issues. Too many people suffer in silence and don't discuss mental health issues, as Scott and Kim did for years. They have realized that anxiety is a part of life, it's not something that will disappear but instead they have learned ways to cope and manage it. Kim and Scott are committed to breaking the silence in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. As a part of #BellLetsTalk, Kim and Scott were recently featured on CTV News Saskatoon to help break the silence with respect to the stigma surrounding mental health.

Carey Nash Wedding Photo

Kim and Scott got married in 2013 in Invermere, BC. This is one of their favourite vacation spots. Looking to expand their family, Kim and Scott soon realized that they were faced with infertility issues which added another source of stress and anxiety. After years of medical tests, they decided go ahead with IVF (in vitro fertilization). The process can be exciting, stressful and emotionally draining. On top of all of the emotional factors, daily hormone injections there is currently no funding for IVF and one fresh cycle costs between $10,000 - $12,000 and subsequent frozen cycles cost between $1,000-$1,500. Kim and Scott have gone through two fresh cycles and one frozen cycle with no success. Though they have gone through IVF three times, Kim and Scott remain positive and hopeful for the future.

Light the night

Kim and Scott are actively involved in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk (LLSC) on a yearly basis since Kim's mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Over the years, our family has personally raised over $20,000 for LLSC. 

It was their own personal journey that inspired them to start this business and allow them to spread positive vibes. In life, we don’t always have a choice on the challenges that we encounter but we can choose how we face those obstacles. Though Kim and Scott have encountered many challenges throughout life's journey, they have done their best to remain positive and stay strong for one and another. As they move forward, their goal is to connect with customers by inspiring others to share their personal ‘Brave’ story. They encourage customers to email pictures of themselves wearing their favourite Authentic Brave Apparel piece and share their personal ‘Brave’ story. No matter what your journey in life is, we offer pieces to keep you inspired and going STRONG. Our motto is ‘Be Courageous, Be Fearless, Be Brave’. 




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