Keasha's Brave Story

Congratulations to Keasha she was the proud winner of our pre-launch Facebook contest!! She chose the Women's Stay Strong Tank.
When I met Keasha she shared her reasons for picking the Stay Strong Tank, it was the meaning behind the words 'Stay Strong'. Going back to my original blog post, each and everyone of us encounters their own challenges. I asked Keasha if she would be willing to share her Brave story with us because I found her story motivating and very inspiring. It is stories like Keasha's that motivate us to design inspirational pieces.
Here is Keasha's Brave story:
Two and a half years ago I applied for the RCMP, which was a tough and challenging journey. I was forced to put my life on hold, which meant no travelling and/or making future plans. Friends and family members were my motivation throughout this process, they continuously reminded me to 'Stay Strong'. Finally, I was nearing the end of the hiring process and close to receiving a troop offer, which made everything worth it! On May 28, 2016 things changed drastically, I broke my neck in a rugby accident. Everything in my life came to a halt, forcing me to put my application process on hold. It was devastating, all my hard work and effort was on hold. I am very active, I love wake boarding, playing volleyball and other summer activities. However, I spent my summer days sitting in a lawn chair watching my siblings do all the things I loved to do. I found it difficult to stay positive and kept my spirits up. I chose to 'Stay Strong', constantly reminded myself that everything happens for a reason and I knew that I would bounce back even stronger than before. Keasha
Thanks for sharing you Brave story with us!
#StayStrong #BeBrave

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