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Keasha's Brave Story

Congratulations to Keasha she was the proud winner of our pre-launch Facebook contest!! She chose the Women's Stay Strong Tank.   When I met Keasha she shared her reasons for picking the Stay Strong Tank, it was the meaning behind the words 'Stay Strong'. Going back to my original blog post, each and everyone of us encounters their own challenges. I asked Keasha if she would be willing to share her Brave story with us because I found her story motivating and very inspiring. It is stories like Keasha's that motivate us to design inspirational pieces.   Here is Keasha's Brave story:   Two and a half years ago I applied for the RCMP, which was a tough and challenging...

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Welcome to Authentic Brave Apparel

Life is filled with many different challenges and sometimes we don't have a choice about the challenges we face, but we do have a choice on how we embrace life's challenges. We can chose to fill our lives with negative energy or chose to surround ourselves with positive vibes and make the best of every situation. Life is too short to tolerate negativity. I wake up every morning and make a conscious effort to surround myself with positive vibes for a positive life. Each and every person encounters their own challenges, which is why I decided to start my own inspirational apparel company, it is just another way we can surround ourselves with positive energy. BE Courageous, BE Fearless, BE BRAVE!...

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